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Sketch of Our Cat, Slim

Strathmore Sketchpad, drawn with compressed Charcoal Slim, our Abyssinian, loves to take naps (like every cat I know). She typically likes to find a blanket or some other cozy item to cuddle into. In this sketch I worked on depicting depth of field by the variations with the stripes. How some stripes thin and then […]

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Summer Likes and Clover in the Lawn

Clover Flowers – June 2008 Alas, no new painting to share. However I have been recently thinking about all the things I like about the Summer and thought it would be a fun topic to post about. Here is a small list of things I like about summer: 1) the quality of light early in […]

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Mango and Pears Still Life

Mango & Chinese Fragrant Pears – 6″ x 8″ Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD After enjoying painting the mango, I decided to set up another still life with it and some Chinese Fragrant Pears. I love the different shape of these pears compared to the standard Bosc Pear. Again the light gray background is used […]

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Mango Still Life

Mango – 6″ x 8″ Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD This mango has been in the refrigerator for awhile not getting eaten because it was intended for a painting. Only when I put a light gray backdrop up did the image click. Previously brighter backdrops had been used, but they always took away some of […]

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A Familiar Motif

There are days when I have the luxury of a full hour lunch break with great weather, everything you want to have an easy sketching experience and all I have to do is find the inspiration – however for some reason it eludes me. Instead my mind is full of doubts, and nothing peaks my […]

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