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Watercolor Gourd Sketches

Gourd Sketches – w/c on 120 lb Cold Press paper I have been pretty unlucky lately… Today I went into the dentist complaining of some tooth pain. Turns out that tooth was cracked. So three hours later I left the dentist’s office in a world of hurt after an unplanned root canal… This being said, […]

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Autumn Maple Leaf & Vase Still Life

Autumn Maple Leaf – 6×8 Oil on Canvas Panel Yesterday when I was walking around the Adams Morgan area I picked up several fallen leaves that are changing colors. This painting is of one of those leaves gathered; it is resting against a new blue glass vase. I love how the leaf is full of […]

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Like Europe

This entry reminds me of what one finds in Europe, however it is a little slice of Georgetown. I love the mossy bricks, the different types of bricks, and the metal iron gate with a dark entry further back. Have a lovely evening, Liz

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Pear on its Side

Pear on its Side – 6″ x 8″ Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD This pear would to stand up, so I gave up and painted it on its side. Here is a detail photo of its stem

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Artichoke #3 Still Life Painting

Artichoke #3 – 6″ x 6″ Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD After spending some time focusing on the outside of the artichoke, I decided to cut one in half and paint the interior. Because of the multiple layers, this painting could easily become an obsessive compulsive exercise to see how well I see and […]

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