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Christmas Lights!

Hello! And Merry Christmas! I particularly like seeing how different families decorate for the holiday season. When I was a little kid my family would often drive around town scoping out the best decorations to be found. It was always a memorable occasion of driving into new areas and seeing the variety of lights, colors, […]

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Wishing you…

Peace and Joy on this festive day!

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Morning Sunlight

I am captivated by the blues, violets, and roses that are found in shadows on snow

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Snow Day!

Hello! We are having a fun snow day at home! Here are a few photos of our yard… …and here is S. working hard on the driveway, this is his second go at it, I think we really are close to getting 16-24 inches See you soon, Liz

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Last Images of the Old Studio

This afternoon I was cleaning up in our old apartment and thought I would share with you the last items remaining Soon I will be fully established in a new space however seeing these last bits reminds me how happy I was creating art here before the construction crew decided to setup shop outside my […]

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