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The leaves are falling so fast, just as fast as the days are… It makes me sad seeing the colorful leaves fall from the trees, even though I enjoy seeing the patterns created on the pavement.

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Figurative Sculpture {a work in progress}

{status at the end of the first day} Hello, I wanted to share with you the process of working on a figurative sculpture. We have a lovely full figure model who is sitting in a nice classical pose. She is sitting pretty straight with only the most subtle contrapposto of the rib cage and pelvis, […]

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Week 10: Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem

{at the end of the day} Hello, On Monday I was back at the NGA working on the Vase of Flowers and I decided to start off where I had left off — the white poppy at the top of the composition. {where I started} Last week I had begun to work on this flower, […]

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Some roses {a drawing}

{Roses II — 15 x 22 inches — Graphite on Paper} This drawing was begun in July, and since drawing it I kept thinking it needed something else to complete the composition. So last weekend I pulled out a roll of tracing paper {from my architecture days} and started to pencil in a new rose […]

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Saturday morning was sunny and crisp, Snapping a few images as I walked a few blocks in Old Town towards the farmer’s market. I was so wrapped up with seeing and planning while at the market I forgot to take photos even with the camera in my pocket…

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