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Week 14: Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem

Hello, Progress for this week was really more of the same as last week. I ended up refining the initial block in of the red flower and leaves below the tulips, expanding a little to the purple flowers. The detail was kept to a minimum due to the need of verifying and adjusting scale some. […]

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Anatomy Drawings: the skull and its muscles

Today I spent time learning about the skull and the muscles of the face and neck. These drawings were copied from Joseph Sheppard’s book Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists. This book has some clear drawings of the bone structure and the muscles, and it easy to learn from because of how developed the drawings […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Slim wishes everyone a comfortable and warm holiday… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I love Thanksgiving dayfull of warm colorsdeep and verdent smellsand lots of time spent in the kitchenbaking, cooking, and puttering… Have a wonderful day! Liz

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Beginning a new study project…

{setup to start copying from Bridgman} With the start of winter break at the Art League, this week I am beginning a new learning project to take advantage of the multiple days of uninterrupted time to focus on human anatomy. My goal is to intensively study anatomy and how it functions during this time to […]

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late afternoon light

With the weather turning cold, I have moved in my succulent plants.The jade plant I have had since 1993, it got a new start this summer when the main plant died, so what remains is from a cutting. The two aloes are from six summers ago and were purchased for our new patio back then. […]

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