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Slim looking beautiful, Henpeck weed in full bloom. Today was a good one.

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Daffodils in a Jar {a new small painting}

Daffodils in a Jar{6″ x 5″ (15.2 x 12.7 cm) – oil on linen panel}  SOLD Hello, With daffodils blooming everywhere I cannot help but paint them :) Spring has arrived but in fits and starts… Have you been having a nice one so far?

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another photo of Slim, she is my constant companion while working at home

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Another image of Slim napping,this time in the morning while I have my tea and do a little reading… The trees are blooming, have they begun to bloom near you?

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Anatomy of the Torso {a workshop taught by Robert Liberace}

Hello, This weekend I attended a workshop at the Art League taught by Robert Liberace. The focus was on the anatomy of the torso, and we covered a lot of ground over the three days. Looking at all the major muscles that make up the torso and their points of origin and insertion. The workshop […]

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