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How was your holiday weekend? Mine was pretty laid back and low key… I am beginning a new knitting project for Coco, well I am going to start it,and use it as an opportunity to teach a friend’s daughter to knit. I love the the pastel rainbow colors, they remind me of sunshine and my […]

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Week 1: Miss Juliana Willoughby by George Romney

Hello, This is the new copy I began last week, Miss Juliana Willoughby by George Romney. I switched my painting day to Thursday because it turns out Thursdays are not as busy as Mondays are at the museum, and lately I have the attention span of a gnat, so the constant distractions and interuptions from […]

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pin basting the quilt today… and we had sunny skies.. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

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blue willow and lemons,with afternoon sunlight,items that add warmth to the day… in the yard there are patches ofthese delicate blue flowers…

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Today I finished a quilt top.It is my second quilt,and it was a bit more complicated than I had planned… Now I need to figure out how to finish the back,and then begin to quilt it…

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