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Friday Inspiration: just keep painting

Hello, This week I read a wonderful interview on Loriann Signori’s blog with M. Katherine Hurley. And I was struck by a few of her answers to the questions Loriann asked her. “My paintings now show much more of the actual process. I want to reveal the push pull that happens as I paint… …Now […]

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Daffodills & Vasari

Daffodils & Vasari {8″ x 8″ (20.3 x 20.3 cm) – oil on canvas panel} Framed painting SOLD Inspiration demands the active cooperation of the intellect joined with enthusiasm, and it is under such conditions that marvelous conceptions, with all that is excellent and divine, come into being. ~Giorgio Vasari The little red book is […]

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Friday Inspiration: Take a Break Once in Awhile…

{Naomi in the backyard} This week I learned that sometimes you need to slow down and take a break… What brought this important lesson home was that fact that I LOST a painting this week! And because things have been so busy, and off schedule, I have NO idea what happened to it! Monday and […]

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Pink Hyacinths { a new small floral painting} SOLD

Pink Hyacinths {7″ x 5″ (17.8 x 12.7 cm) – oil on linen panel}SOLD Unframed painting: $100.00 starting bid + S&H This was the first time to paint hyacinths since working on the de Heem copy. Initially I started off real tight, and after a few hours realized that the painting was not going in […]

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Three Pink Roses {a small floral painting}

Three Pink Roses {7″ x 5″ (17.8 x 12.7 cm) – oil on linen panel} SOLD Framed painting: $250.00 + S&H Life-glowing season ! odour-breathing Spring ! Deck’d in cerulean splendours !–vivid,–warm, Shedding soft lustre on the rosy hours, And calling forth their beauties ! balmy Spring ! ~Mary Darby Robinson (1758-1800) Happy first day […]

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