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Happy Halloween! & some art with cats

Happy Halloween! What symbolizes Halloween to you most?  For me, a lot of imagery comes to mind, but most of all, I think of black cats.   {source} {source} {source} {source} And how some people are frightened of them.  I found this out during Halloween when I was in first grade. That Halloween afternoon we had a babysitter taking care […]

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Petunias I, 8 x 8 inches

Petunias I The first of three, inspired as the fictitious centerpieces of a table set for tea with friends. This painting began when the DC region was experiencing warm and sunny days, so much so that my petunias were thriving!  They were so beautiful, they deserved to be the focus of more paintings before the first frost occured. I […]

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Leaves Falling

On Wednesday afternoon I was taking a small break when I noticed how bright and beautiful it was outside.  There was a slight rustle of air, a breath of breeze, and a soft cascade of leaves falling. I tried to capture it in video to share this magic moment with you. Have a happy weekend,Liz

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Two Rose Hips {a new daily painting}

Two Rose Hips {5″ x 7″ (12.7 x 17.8 cm) – oil on linen panel} Click to purchase Unframed painting: $100.00 starting bid + S&H Did you know that only certain roses will develop rose hips after they bloom? The three types of roses in my garden do not produce them, so I am looking […]

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Work in Progress: Petunias Triptych {Bountiful Observations Series}

{what is on the easel and the current setup} Have you ever started a project, and once you were in the middle of it you realized it would require a LOT more time to complete? This happened to me last week when I began to work on the next painting in the Bountiful Observations series. […]

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