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Tete-e-Tete Daffodils, 6 x 4 inches

Tete-e-Tete Daffodils in a Spice Jar On Sunday, I had the most beautiful light filtering into the studio, and just as I was finishing up, I decided to create one more painting. It needed to be small because I only had a short bit of time before S. and Naomi would return from their jaunt […]

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Something for Naomi…

{crafting with some vintage buttons} Last week I spent some time working on a gift for Naomi… I was hoping to share the process with you today, however the little hiccups life will occasionally toss my way occurred today and I am running behind and caring for a sick little one… She is doing better, and I […]

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February Rose Bouquet, 12 x 10 inches

{yarns, buttons, and a painting on the studio worktable} I love February for so many reasons, the focus on love, friendship, and chocolate… and for the abundance of roses available. During the whole month, you can find beautiful roses by the dozen just about everywhere. This past week has been filled with love and creativity, […]

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Formulas for Painters by Robert Massey

Formulas for Painters by Robert Massey This is a great book of recipes. Just like a cook, sometimes it helps to have a basic recipe to base your decision making on…   This book also helped me understand the science of oil painting, especially when I was learning how to work with glazes while copying […]

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Butterfly Exhibit

On an early Saturday morning, S., Naomi, and I went into DC to visit the museums on the National Mall, our aim was to be one of the first to go through the special Butterfly Exhibit at the Natural History Museum. We arrived with some time to spare, and were then ushered into the fiberglass […]

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