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Rhetoric of Perspective by Hanneke Grootenboer

The Rhetoric of Perspective by Hanneke Grootenboer Okay, this book is a Ph.D. doctoral dissertation turned into a book, so it is pretty meaty and is the authors narrow analysis of her dissertation thesis. As difficult as certain passages can be, I loved this book, because is reinforced my personal opinion of why still life […]

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Life lately…

Hello, How has your spring been like?  I am so happy the world around is beginning to bloom, next week is bound to be beautiful! This week is still part of the “rest break” I am on to help get better, and so far I am slowly recovering…  I am now beginning to feel better […]

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Bright Star, Spring, and Poetry…

Have you seen the movie Bright Star?   I love this movie for many reasons… One, I am a hopeless romantic.  I fall in love with the love story of Fanny Brawne and John Keats, and I cry my heart out for the difficulty of their situation… Two, I love the words that pervade the […]

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Realism by Linda Nochlin

Realism by Linda Nochlin Several years ago I became enamored with the work of Gustave Courbet. I read two books on his life and art, and after reading those books I began to get interested in his role in the 19th century art movement, Realism, and how it differed from the prevailing idealistic schools of […]

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Favorite Paint Mixtures: Permanent Green

Permanent Green a relatively new addition to my palette, it was added around six months ago, as an experiment, and it has since become one of the hardest working pigments on my palette… Permanent Green, (PG 36, PY 74) is the modern substitute for the original Cadmium Green Med that has been discontinued by so […]

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