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life lately: wintry mix and frosty weather

Naomi has been ecstatic about the weather the last few days… as we have had our first bout of cold, winter weather.  Unfortunately we have not gotten a ton of snow, but enough for Naomi to play in and explore. After several dark gray days, this morning was clear and crisp.  And on our morning […]

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Three Turnips, 8 x 8 inches

Still Life with Turnips and Linen Dishcloth Sometimes an idea captures my imagination that just will not let go… and in those instances, I am determined to make it work, even if I have to start over several times. With this painting, I scraped down at least five times before I finally settled on the […]

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Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Session 2

Two weeks ago I found myself back at the NGA working on another 10×8 study of Roses by Vincent Van Gogh. During this session, I focused on scaling the study down in size to be more in line with what the final full-scale copy will be. I also worked to vary the paint thicknesses to […]

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Touch of Autumn, 16 x 12 inches

Touch of Autumn Last year was the first time in my life where I really began to appreciate and value the distinctive qualities of autumn. I had lived in the mid-Atlantic for just over ten years and was finally appreciating the change of seas with something likening to excitement rather than just dread of the […]

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