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Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Session 7

{my setup} Today was a day of progression. Working my way around the canvas. Working on this painting has made me more decisive about my brushstrokes. My mentor, Danni Dawson, recommended that I do not try to copy every exact brushstroke, but instead I need to strive to emulate the gesture and energy that Van […]

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Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Session 6

{my setup} When I began this session there was a tour of children with a guide and some parents in the same gallery as me. They were there looking at the new Van Gogh acquisition. While I was setting up I chatted with them about the copyist program and the reason why copying a painting […]

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Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Session 5

{my setup at the end of the fifth session} For this session, this is where I began. And keeping to my plan to work outward, painting in a very direct manner, I began by fanning out from last week’s session. When working in a such a direct manner, it is especially important to focus on […]

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Tea and Blue Willow, 6 x 6 inches

Tea and Blue Willow Did you know that I love tea? Well, I do. For years I drank only loose leaf, then this year I began to go through my collection of tea. Using up the various blends that I have collected over time. Starting my day with a cup of tea is a ritual […]

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Orange Slices and Blue Willow, 6 x 6 inches

Orange Slices and Blue Willow With this painting I wanted to play with the color complements of orange and blue. And being that citrus is abundant during the winter months, I had a big bag of oranges in the house… so it only seemed natural that they would become part of a painting eventually. ………………………………………….. […]

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