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Irises, 8 x 6 inches

Irises This is one of several paintings completed in 2013 and life got ahead of me, so it was never shared here. This week and next, I am going to be going posting paintings that are complete and have never been introduced to you… I still remember the excitement I had when working on this […]

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Life lately: Naomi is a darling girl…

Here are some snapshots of life with Naomi… The month of February has been a bit off schedule, so next week I plan on getting back into a regular schedule. Sharing paintings created and discussing new ideas and thoughts about creativity… Until then, please have a wonderful weekend, Liz

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Roses by Vincent Van Gogh: Session 8

{my setup at the end of the day} When working on a copy you have to work within many parameters and time limits. Some of them are: Only getting to work on the painting one day per week Having to keep your easel four feet away from the original painting, meaning you end up standing […]

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Ranunculus, 8 x 8 inches

Ranunculus As an artist, I try to paint seasonally… however in the winter months I find myself indulging in the luxury of purchasing the “seasonal” flowers that are available in the grocery stores :) and lately, Whole Foods has had the most beguiling bunches of ranunculus. A favorite flower of mine, and to my chagrin, […]

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