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Cadmium Vermilion/Cadmium Scarlet (PR 108)

Cadmium Vermilion/Cadmium Scarlet (PR – 108) Information: opaque, lightfast Handling Characteristics: Saturated red with a shift towards orange when used purely and when mixed with other pigments. Cadmium Vermilion is one of my favorite warm opaque reds to use. I feel as if I use this color in all my paintings in some form or […]

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First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!!! I thought I would share some of my favorite springtime images from last year in my old garden. Early March, when the bulbs were just beginning to peak out.  Those yellow daffodils are some of the earliest bloomers, if the winter is mellow they sometimes bloom the first week of […]

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My Full-Color Palette

Today I am starting a series of articles that will focus on the individual oil colors that make up the full-color palette I use on a regular basis. You may wonder why I have so many colors on my palette and why I do not use a limited color palette. This is because I have […]

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Cadmium Orange (PO 20)

Cadmium Orange (PO 20) Information: Opaque, Lightfast Handling Characteristics: Saturated color when used purely and when tinted with white, cadmium orange desaturates immediately when mixed with other colors and cools down in temperature. Cadmium orange is a difficult color to use in mixtures however it is indispensable when you need a pure orange tint to […]

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Teaching Information Update

I have two openings in my weekend semi-private lessons. Spring term starts on Saturday, April 1st, and will go for eight sessions. (Please see details for exact dates, as spring term is interrupted with Spring Break and the Easter holiday, and two travel commitments by me). The curriculum for spring term will focus on mastering […]

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