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My Full-Color Palette: Cadmium Yellows

Over the next few weeks, I will cover the different cadmium yellows I like to use. Each manufacturer has a different naming convention with regard to cadmium yellow. What one manufacturer would call cadmium yellow, another manufacturer will call the same visual color, cadmium yellow deep and another manufacturer may use the term cadmium yellow […]

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Cadmium Yellow Deep Value (PY-Varies)

Cadmium Yellow Deep Value (PY-Varies) Information: Opaque Handling Characteristics: Cadmium Yellow Deep is a rich saturated yellow, warm in color temperature and overall a lovely and versatile yellow to keep on the palette. In the spring time Cadmium Yellow Deep is an important color to keep on the palette because so many spring flowers are […]

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Cadmium Vermilion/Cadmium Scarlet (PR 108)

Cadmium Vermilion/Cadmium Scarlet (PR – 108) Information: opaque, lightfast Handling Characteristics: Saturated red with a shift towards orange when used purely and when mixed with other pigments. Cadmium Vermilion is one of my favorite warm opaque reds to use. I feel as if I use this color in all my paintings in some form or […]

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First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!!! I thought I would share some of my favorite springtime images from last year in my old garden. Early March, when the bulbs were just beginning to peak out.  Those yellow daffodils are some of the earliest bloomers, if the winter is mellow they sometimes bloom the first week of […]

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My Full-Color Palette

Today I am starting a series of articles that will focus on the individual oil colors that make up the full-color palette I use on a regular basis. You may wonder why I have so many colors on my palette and why I do not use a limited color palette. This is because I have […]

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