Labor of Love Series

In January 2015, I began the first painting of a new painting series, exploring the intersection of traditional hand-cultivated arts and representational oil painting. My first painting of this series, Created with Love, featured a quilt with a double wedding-ring pattern. My husband’s great-grandmother had, decades ago, hand pieced most of the traditional arc pattern. I completed the piece-work, then hand-quilted the quilt. In the evenings while I stitched, I kept thinking about how this quilt would be a fantastic subject to paint. 

  Created with Love , 36 x 24 inches, Oil on Linen, In a Private Collection

Created with Love, 36 x 24 inches, Oil on Linen, In a Private Collection

When I finished the first painting of this series, I continued to paint additional compositions incorporating other quilts. I intend to continue this series exploring the mesmerizing visual effects of traditional quilt patterns with their repeating shapes and colors.

Quilts also evoke in me a deep emotional reaction in me.  The act of sewing  and then providing a quilt to warm and wrap the body of a loved one is a very physical representation of love.

I am drawn to color, pattern, and detail.  And this subject matter is an opportunity to explore and express my personal fascination with handmade crafts and oil painting.