Cyclamen with Pink Edges, 6 x 5 inches, Unframed Oil Painting.

Cyclamen with Pink Edges, 6 x 5 inches, Unframed Oil Painting.

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As my artistic practice has shifted to completing larger paintings and incorporating more figurative work, these floral alla prima oil-sketches have become an integral part of my creative process. I paint them seasonally throughout the year. They are opportunities to just paint, enjoying the moment and rejoicing in the beauty of nature.

In the winter, I fill my house with any winter blooming flowers I can find. Cyclamens are one of my favorite winter flowers. They bring a flame of color and happiness to the day.

I love how these flowers can look like lacy hats that float above their heart-shaped leaves.

“Cyclamen with Pink Edges”
6x5 inches UNFRAMED - however framing is available here (select the 6x5 frame) or through Framebridge.

This painting was completed in my studio.  I am an avid gardener and I paint seasonally.

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Alla Prima oil-sketch - 6x5 inches, (approx 15x13 cm)
Oil on Gessoed Aluminum Panel
Lead white with full-color palette

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