Elizabeth Floyd
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Studio Paintings

Each studio painting is completed using an indirect painting method, this means multiple layers of paint are applied and that many days of focused attention is given to a single painting. I utilize this painting process because I believe creativity is something that requires time to investigate a subject matter thoroughly and that prolonged observation maximizes the artistic result.

I am drawn to objects of beauty that still have the impression of the craftsman’s hand.  I value all hand-cultivated arts and strive to incorporate these items into my paintings.  As a child, I was encouraged to explore the world with a craftsmanship mentality.  With this outlook I connected with activities that required attention to detail.  My aunt and grandmother taught me all forms of sewing and embroidery, and my mother introduced me to the joys of gardening.  To this day, these early experiences have influenced my sense of wonder and admiration for all hand-crafts that are based on the needs of home and family. These experiences have influenced my subject matter for oil painting compositions.



atmosphere Bittersweet 32x40 copy.jpg

 I am drawn to color, pattern, and detail.  In my artwork, I am fascinated with incorporating beauty observed in my surroundings, always striving to celebrate the simple moments in life.  My paintings require a significant amount of time to complete, often necessitating months of planning to anticipate the seasons.  Long-term planning is required because I grow the flowers and vegetables that become the subject matter of my paintings, tying all of my work to specific seasons. This practice of painting enables me to capture the variations found in the quality of light of each month, while also capturing what flowers are in bloom.

I strive to evoke emotion and spur a remembrance of things past within the mind of the viewer.  


Each painting is an opportunity to
elevate the meaning of everyday objects
into something more significant.  



atmosphere clover flower crown.jpg