How Successful Artists Study by Samuel Adoquei


How Successful Artists Study
by Samuel Adoquei

In 2009 I took a week-long workshop taught by Danni Dawson. Over the five days, I learned a lot and finished a painting. I consider this painting to be a turning point in my art career, in that I made a gigantic leap forward in my attitude towards how to become a better artist. During the workshop, I learned it was necessary to slow down and pay close attention to what I was seeing if I wanted to move towards a more naturalistic and representational method of painting. Armed with this idea, I sought out a better direction for my studies, a guide that would help me stick to my new plan and outline some of the steps.

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At this same time, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of this book, and Adoquei’s message was the same. It takes time and effort to grow as an artist, and to be truly successful, you need to be willing to engage in your own quest for excellence.

This book is written for the student entering art school, however I believe it can be just as helpful for those who have made a decision to direct their own art education.

Here are some of my favorite sections in the book, and yes, I love to highlight when reading ;)

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How Successful Artists Study: Effective Learning Ideas and Knowledge for Artisits


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    always aiming towards improving my artwork…I find your insights invaluable. thanks so much for kindly sharing your favorite books.

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