Elizabeth Floyd
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  Hello and welcome

Everyday moments are my biggest inspiration.  When I observe the exuberant zest for life my daughter and her friends have and the beauty of nature found in the garden, I cannot help but express my interest and joy of these feelings through art. 


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 About Elizabeth Floyd

I am an artist and teacher living in Alexandria, Virginia with my daughter and husband. I work my home studio and garden, creating paintings that are firmly rooted in celebrating the seasons of the year.

My work is represented at the Principle Gallery | Alexandria.

I teach painting classes and workshops locally at the Art League in Old Town Alexandria, VA and the Arts of Great Falls in Great Falls, VA.


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 As a child, I was encouraged to explore the world with a sense of making something from nothing. Building furniture with my grandfather, constructing a stone wall with my dad, spending a quiet afternoon with my aunt sewing or painting, and helping my mother in her garden, all common activities that populated my childhood. These early experiences influence my sense of wonder and admiration for all things simple and handmade.

As I grew up, I went to school to become an architect and I practiced for nine years. However, on the eve of turning 35 years old (2009) I left the architectural profession to pursue being an artist full-time. What I loved most about architecture, designing spaces to improve people’s lives, I get to pursue with art, only in a more personal and individualized way.

With my art, I hope to build personal connections through a common sense of beauty.

Because I do not have a formal art education, when I left architecture in 2009 I established a self-directed study plan to parlay the strong observational and sketching skills from being an architect towards mastering representational oil painting. I gained proficiency by attending local arts classes and workshops, and by copying masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

The years since leaving architecture have been rewarding. I have had the privilege of creating still-life paintings and portraits that find their homes in private and public collections. I have received recognition in local and international art exhibitions and competitions.  In addition, my work has been published in several printed art publications.

My daily life is filled with creative activities, such as drawing and painting, sharing my knowledge through teaching, and living with intention.


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