Perspective for Artists by Rex Vicat Cole


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Perspective for Artists by Rex Vicat Cole

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Okay, I have to admit I am a bit obsessive when it comes to getting perspective correct when painting {it must be my architectural training} because when I am sketching or painting I want to get the sense of three dimensional space across in a realistic way.

However it is not really effective to have a straight edge and ruler with me when I am out sketching or working on a painting, so this book is my answer to learning rules of perspective without being slavish.

I love the way this book is organized, and how it teaches one skill at a time. Each chapter building on the previous lessons learned in the earlier chapters.

While still practicing architecture I would use my lunch hours to go through and practice the lessons. I found the lessons to even help in client meetings when I would need to quickly create freehand architectural sketches. And of course, I employ these lessons with my paintings today.

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Perspective for Artists


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