Claudio Bravo by Paul Bowles


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Claudio Bravo by Paul Bowles

This is an expensive book, but worth every penny. {unfortunately it is now out of print and is even more expensive than when I purchased it in 2011}

When I finally rewarded myself with this book, I have never regretted the indulgence. Its one of the best collections of Claudio Bravo’s most famous paintings.

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An extra aspect I love about this book is the interview in the back. In this interview, Claudio Bravo describes himself as an “American workaholic,” in that he would work 8-12 hours a day, sometimes seven days a week to finish a painting. This information helped me overcome my internal resistance to how long it would take to complete a single painting.

If someone as talented as Claudio Bravo also had to put in hours of time to create his masterpieces, then surely I could step up to the plate and work hard at refining my work.

Whenever I need the extra jolt of inspiration, I open this book and then begin to imagine what is possible…

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And I have some of my favorite paintings tabbed, and as you can see by all the tabs, I love a good majority of them…

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Claudio Bravo: Paintings and Drawings


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