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 Come Paint with Me

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 Teaching and learning is a strong part of my creative process,

I hope you join in on the fun!



Weekly Art Classes

Floral Still Life with Oils

This class concentrates on capturing the natural beauty found in flowers and the vases they partner with, working directly from life using oils. Specific lessons will cover all aspects of painting with flowers, learning to work with the individual characteristics of the different flowers available for each season as well as working to capture the silver, pewter or glass vases they are in.  Alla-prima painting techniques will be taught and demonstrated to emphasize the importance of color and form when expressing the unique beauty found in flowers.  All levels are welcome, however some experience with oil painting and accuracy in drawing will garner more realistic representations.  Supply list provided upon request or with registration.  *During the growing season, flowers will be provided from the instructor’s garden. During the offseason, a flower supply fee will be collected to purchase fresh flowers.

Taught at the Arts of Great FAlls, Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:30pm

Still Life with Oils

This class concentrates on capturing the beauty found in simple things, elevating them into something more significant.  Still-life painting is fun in all aspects, whether you are exploring color, value, and composition, or whether you want to investigate how to paint the different textures and patterns found in objects, such as the shiny reflections of glass or the variegated colors found in a Macintosh apple.  Setups are designed to teach painting fundamentals such as: seeing the big shapes, analyzing value shifts, controlling edge quality, and color mixing.  All levels are welcome. 

Taught at the Art League in Alexandria, VA, Tuesdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm




Painting Silver and Pewter with Oils

Join in on a 2-day intensive workshop focusing on capturing the dynamic and reflective glory of silver and pewter.  Painting metals asks you the artist to observe with intention while also seeking ways to simplify and abstract the color shapes seen.  Demonstrations will be given each day, with the first day focusing on laying in the base layers of oil paint, and the second day will show how to apply transparent and opaque glazes to further heighten the shine and visual depth found in silver and pewter objects. All levels are welcome.

Taught at the Arts of Great FAlls, September 18 & 19, 2019 from 10:00am to 4:00pm


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 Private Lessons

May be arranged on a one-on-one basis. If private lesson is taking place in person at my studio a 3-hour minimum is required. Over the internet lessons also require a 3-hour minimum, and can be divided into 1-hour lessons. Please email contact@elizabethfloyd.com for more information.



Favorite Art Books

The categories covered are:


Technique, Composition and Design, Art Philosophy and Theory, Still-Life Painting, Landscape Painting, Figurative Art, Drawing, Artist Monographs, Gardening and Design

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Technique & How to Study

Composition and Design

Art Philosophy and Theory

Still-Life Painting

Landscape Painting


Drawing & Sketching

Artist Monographs

Gardening and Interior Design


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 Favorite Paints

I have written about some of my favorite paint mixtures on my blog, here are direct links to them. They were written several years ago, I will be updating them in the future.

favorite paint mixtures: alizarin Crimson

favorite paint mixtures: Permanent Rose

favorite paint mixtures: Permanent Green

favorite paint mixtures: Cerulean Blue

favorite paint mixtures: Dioxazine Purple