Pear on a Plate

2007 forelle pear.jpg

UPDATE April 2009: Since 2007 Forelle Pears have often been my painting subjects. Here are some more recent Forelle Pear paintings: Forelle Pear #1, Forelle Pear #2, Forelle Pear #3, and Forelle Pear #4. Thanks for visiting, Liz

Pear on a Plate 6” x 8” Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

The Forelle Pear is my favorite fruit. It has a very crisp and sweet flavor, and they always are beautifully formed. Forelle pears initially are yellow and green at the grocers, but as they ripen they begin to develop a rosy tint, that eventually turns into a deep crimson color. This is the best time to eat them. I also believe that this is the most interesting time to paint them...

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