Inspiration and the Spirit of Art

For several weeks I have been thinking about inspiration and the spirit of art. I mull over these two ideas as I go about my daily activities and wonder how they influence my life.

Firstly, I believe these ideas are symbiotic, and without the other, both my drive to create art and the feelings and emotions I strive to capture will flounder and fade. To me, living well, enjoying my surroundings, and finding the fun in discovery are what drive my inspiration. It is these thoughts and feelings that I want to share with the world. For I enjoy and like life. So I guess the spirit of art is the contextual environment I live in. It is my day to day existence, and when I paint, draw, or design I am discovering a means to share these feelings, emotions, and experiences.

As I have been thinking about this for some time, I am sure as I progress on my journey of life and becoming a more accomplished artist, I will have more to say about how the Spirit of Art and Inspiration are so important to me and how to better define how these two ideas impact my life and my outlook.