A Single Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple 2008.jpg

Granny Smith Apple – 6” x 8” Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

Here is a still life with a single Granny Smith apple. I really like how this apple had a small area of pink, for I think a distinguishing characteristic of Granny Smith apples is the solid electric green color of their skin.

The amazing variation that can be found in the same kind of fruit is sometimes mind boggling to me. So even within the same type of fruit one can perceive the significant differences if one is looking to distinguish the defining individual characteristics of each piece of fruit. I guess this can be said of everything in life, items grouped together are given general unifying attributes, but in singular form those that made the group are distinct and possess specific identifying characteristics that the individual alone has.

When working on a still life, I am able to enjoy this aspect of reality, perceive it, and depict it in the paintings. I believe this is what keeps drawing me back over and over again to this type of painting.

Thanks, Liz