Orange & Blue with Yellow Still Life

Grapefruit Wedges 2008.jpg

Grapefruit Wedges - 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This was another experiment with the translucent qualities of citrus fruit. I really enjoyed observing the color and value differences. These grapefruit have a beautiful pink interior with very yellow outer skin. I feel very content with this painting; the texture is fun and lively. I also like the complementary color palette of the orange and blue with yellow accents from the rind.

My next post will be a painting that is different in painting style, as I am working to broaden my skills. In my class with Danni Dawson this past Tuesday I worked on a more subtle painting application. I have been working on a still life most of today utilizing this new technique. I will paint on this new still life some more tomorrow and if I complete it I will post it soon… Until next time, have a great weekend… Liz