Work in Progress

lemon progress photo.jpg

(not yet named) Lemons with a striped dishcloth? - 9 x 12 inches oil on canvas

This is a piece I am currently working on; my hope is to get it into one of the local juried art shows in the DC area. I really like all the whites in this piece, the white stripes of the dishcloth, the white louvers in the back ground, and the white bowl. And the color palette is an analogous combination of yellow – green – blue. Instead of using a dash of red or violet to jazz the composition right now I am using the energy of the blue stripes to give the little bit of energy the piece needs to still be interesting.

I am more patient with this painting than I usually am, and I credit that to my being able to stand more comfortably at my easel. This allows me to concentrate longer and being willing to paint over the mess-ups that come from the occasional stay brush stroke. Presently the painting is in a drying stage, I need the cremnitz white to set up a little more before I can proceed to the next step. Stay tuned as I will hopefully post the completed painting in the next week or two. And I am open for suggestions for a title for this piece, I am not so sure I like the tentative one I have given it so far...

Sincerely, Liz