My First of the Frieze Series

Mandarin freize 2008.jpg

Mandarins with a Pomegranate Frieze – 24” x 5-1/2” Oil on Linen

Being that I am an architect and I was thinking it would be nice to interweave my professional career with my fine arts activities, I was searching around for ways to be inspired by architecture and interpret it with the still life paintings I have been pursuing lately. Recently I was looking at a bas relief sculpture detail on an architectural frieze, and I as inspired. I decided to pursue a series of paintings that have long linear compositions that are often utilized in such situations. I believe the most famous freizes in architecture are those of the Parthenon in Athens.

My paintings are not classical in subject matter, instead they are filled with the typical still life items, fruit, cups, and such.

I have several more planned and I will continue to work on them over the next several months. I will post them as they progress and as I complete them. Please stay tuned....

Here is a detail of part of the painting.