Memory Sketch Exercise

skbk 04 22 08a.jpg

Graphite, Cachet bound sketchbook 8-1/2” x 5-1/2”

I have recently subscribed to Katherine Tyrrell’s blog and this Sunday her post listed another blog by Vivien Blackburn, who had attended a lecture by Liz Minichiello where at the end of the presentation everyone was given a sheet of paper and encouraged to illustrate there day from memory in 12 squares/rectangles. Vivien shared her cartoon depiction and encouraged other bloggers to do the same. This exercise really captured me, and I set out to complete it on my lunch break on Monday, however I found this to be more time consuming and challenging than I had anticipated. So 1-1/2 lunch breaks later here is my cartoon sketch of Friday, April 18, 2008. And the summation of my day:

- I am awoken by husband, Steve

- We share a few slow moments over tea and coffee before starting the day

- I slowly get ready for work, brushing my teeth, washing my face… the usual drill

- Commuting to work in traffic, not so bad for a raining Friday morning…

- Morning presentation with clients and consultants

- Lunch break at the Georgetown waterfront, where I sketch and watercolor

- Afternoon spent at the computer working on project and meeting minutes from morning’s meeting

- Leave work and drive to National Mall to meet Steve for our Friday night outing/date

- We meet up at the Lincoln Memorial, check out the site and read Lincoln’s second inaugural speech

- Picnic on the steps near the reflecting pool facing the Washington Monument and the Capital Building

- After our dinner, we return to the Lincoln Memorial, sketch in the fading light

- Go to sleep after a long and rewarding day with our kitty, Slim, cuddled at the foot of our bed

After working on this exercise I now realize that there are areas of draughtsmanship I need to focus on to improve my ability to remember and record the surroundings around me. I will continue to do different exercises that work the mind. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment and share. I figure I am not the only one in the blog-o-sphere that would like to know more about drawing memory exercises.

Here is a ink sketch I did after I finished the cartoon series during today’s lunch. I was using ink to make me see better and be more definite in my drawing judgement, as there is no erasing with ink….

Black Ink , Cachet bound sketchbook 8-1/2” x 5-1/2”