Busy weekend, alas no paintings to post...

DSC_0110 - Copy.jpg

Photo of a few booths at the Reston Arts Festival on Saturday, May 17th.

This weekend I just did not come up with anything I liked. I spent a fair bit of time in my studio (our converted breakfast area) where I scraped down four small paintings, worked alittle on a freize painting, and contemplated what I should do next... I typically use the weekends to catch-up and paint some of the small paintings that get posted during the week. I always hope to find some time during the week in any freetime I have outside of work and life commitments to get some painting in as well. However this past week was a crazy one, I was only able to sketch in my sketchbook and paint in my class taught by Danni Dawson on Tuesday. So I do not have any drawing or painting to share right now.

Even though my time in the studio was somewhat less productive than I had planned this weekend, I did find time to visit the Reston Art Festival on Saturday. It was a fun time and the weather was very nice. I found a lot of rest and relaxation in just walking among the artists and visitors. Listening to local muscians and getting some refueling. I am planning on finding the time and energy to make the most of this coming week.