Three Apricots

3 apricots 2008.jpg

Three Apricots – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

This is the second (completed) painting I worked on yesterday. Lately I have been having a love-hate affair with apricots … All this past weekend paintings were started and scraped down, all depicting apricots and even yesterday I think this was my third attempt. It was not until the end when adding the affects of the fuzz did the captivating soft pastel colors of the fruit start to glow. This is what I was enamored with, trying to capture the richness and the softness of this fruit all at once.

Since the weekend I have been looking at other artist's depictions of apricots to get an understanding of how to maybe depict them, some of the paintings I have come across are just beautiful. Here are a few other artist’s take on apricots, it is wonderful how the same fruit can be intrepeted and presented in so many different ways.

J.L. Fleckenstein - great close up with a beautiful aquamarine cup to complement the warm yellows and oranges of the apricot.

Mati Karlwein - very complex compositions, I admire the patience of the artist for undertaking such ambitous projects!

Vitali Komarov - I love the texture and energy of the way he captured the fruit! Especially the play of the cool green areas with the hot red-orange areas.