sunflower 2008.jpg

Sunflower – 6" x 6" Oil on Gessoed Masonite Panel SOLD

In January and February I purchased several masonite panels to paint with. A few months ago every painting I attempted turned into a muddy mess because the surface is more smooth and slick than the canvas panels and stretched canvases I typically paint on. Today on a lark I picked up a panel to try it out again, and this is the painting that was accomplished! I was very pleased with the results; I like the energy and variety of the brush strokes. I feel this painting was a right of passage for me, it proved I am growing with posting these paintings on my blog and I am glad to be going on this journey. Though I have found that posting paintings daily has been a profound challenge while also maintaining a full-time career in residential architecture, I do enjoy the process, and I always aim to post approximately 3 times a week.

Of the daily painters out on the web, I admire Karin Jurick’s work the most for the quality and energy of her paint handling. I think she has such a great knack of capturing the spirit of her subjects, and I love the variety of the themes she paints. She is accomplished in painting still lifes, cityscapes, and figures (anything she decides to focus on actually). I believe of her paintings those of people viewing art in museums most capture the spirit of art and how it affects everybody, young and old. I feel lucky to have such artists to look up to and admire, to keep me going and enthusiastic about painting on a very regular basis.