Lemon Still Life & This Week's Art Blogger

lemons with a bowl 2008.jpg

Lemons and a Bowl – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

I have wanted to paint this bowl for almost two months. It has been in my studio waiting to be painted, however every time I tried to incorporate the bowl, the bowl was the incorrect scale for the composition. Today it happened to be just what I was looking for. While also being a technical challenge. I am fascinated with paintings where different values of white predominate, especially objects of white porcelain or china. This painting was a fun challenge to depict, specifically the subtle shading of the white of this bowl and its shadowed parts. Today I learned that when painting white objects, it is the edge transitions that are so important to imparting the shape and form of the object. I started by using my bristle brushes, then sable (which ended up being too soft), and finally working with a mongoose bristle brush. I think the fun of painting is in the challenge of learning new techniques while also growing with each experience.

Last Monday I decided to start writing about and highlighting art blogs that really make a difference in my life. The entire blog-o-sphere is full of artist from all sorts of different backgrounds that in some way or another provide me with the visual and mental motivation to keep on painting. I plan on focusing on an individual once a week, typically on Sunday, (the beginning of the week for me).

So for this week I would like to highlight the work of Jennifer Bellinger. Her still lifes, especially the ones with stripes and patterns have been a great inspiration to me. It is through seeing her paintings that I have become curious about how to also capture the zeal and energy her paintings have. I like the way all of her paintings seem to tell a story, as if we are getting a glimpse of someone’s daily life, with an action about to take place that will alter the vignette we have just been privileged to witness. Another great thing about Jennifer’s blog is that if you ask a question or make a comment on a painting she will explain her process. She is truly someone interested in helping others out and sharing her knowledge. I always look forward to receiving her blog updates.