One Crazy Week!

lincoln memorial 2008.jpg


It has been a crazy week! Today I spent most of my time catching up on items and tasks that fell through the cracks during the week. This week, Steve and I were busy everyday with work and every night with various activities, so unfortunately I am behind on paintings and postings. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to wake up refreshed and ready to paint to my hearts content!

We are also having to bid farewell to our friends Garth and Martha, who are moving from DC this coming Monday. They will be taking time off to travel the North American continent, if you are interested they will blog some about where they visit. I wish them happy trails and adventures on this big trip they are taking.

As I do not have a painting to post, I thought I would share a photo instead. This is a photo of the west side of the Lincoln Memorial, I really love this side when the sun is setting and the light reflects off of the Potomac river...