Loosely Painted Magnolia Blossom

magnolia2 2008.jpg

Magnolia Blossom – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This painting was completed in the more typical style I paint in. Bolder, more defined brushstrokes, mixing the paint on the canvas, trying to keep things loose and gestural. It was painted quickly as the flower was starting to turn brown. To limit damage of having the light shine directly on the flower, the light was directed on a piece of museum board, resulting in having lovely defused light illuminating the flower.

It was fun painting the same object, different views, with different objectives. The experience was fun, as I moved out of my comfort zone with the painting I posted yesterday. While I shifted back into what comes naturally for today's painting. Both methods have their positive aspects, and as I continue to paint both styles will meld into one, taking the best for the specific occasion.