Succulents and Random-ness

alow 2.jpg

Succulents are my favorite plants, I have several varieties and have no idea of what their official names are. I just find them at shops or sometimes pinch off a cutting when out on a walk. However I may now be able to learn the names of my plants because yesterday, while reading Poppytalk, I came across a ceramic artist, Michael McDowell. He recommended this succulent and cactus web-retailer, If you get a chance, check out the great selection offered by the succelent retailer, and especially the Favela stacking vases by McDowell. I love the strong geometric patterns of these square vases...

With the weekend coming up I have been thinking about how to spend it. This week has been such a roller coaster with work and life, I am looking forward to it already! Sleeping in one morning and having a yummy slow-paced brunch with juice, rolls, and maybe some homemade granola. With only one more full work day until the weekend, have a great evening and may your Friday be productive and your weekend full of zest.