Another Frieze Painting, this time of lemons

lemon freize 2008.jpg

Lemons in a Row – Frieze Painting IV – 5-1/2” x 12” Oil on Linen Panel SOLD

This painting is another long linear composition, where I use these Frieze paintings as a means to experiment and learn about paint handling techniques other than the alla prima method (meaning completed in one setting) I typically employ.

For this painting I worked over an extended period of time, often waiting for layers to dry to a certain level before moving on. The technique I utilized most on this painting was the affect of glazing. I applied both glazes derived from opaque pigments to transparent ones. The transparent pigments were often easier to suspend in medium, and would flow lightly and evenly over the canvas. Where the opaque pigments required more medium, and would catch and hang onto the uneven paint surface. I really liked how each provided a different effect that deepened my painting experience.

Thanks, Liz