Two Anaheim Peppers Still Life Painting

two green peppers 2008.jpg

Two Anaheim Peppers – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This is my first time to paint Anaheim peppers. Several times I have had the intention of painting them; however they ended up part of dinner all the previous times they were in the house. Several times Anaheim peppers were purchased for recipes, but the individual peppers were selected from the grocery store bins because of their picturesque form.

In this painting I really liked how they curve of the two peppers complement each other. I pushed the gray background cloth to a violet to emphasis the greens in the peppers. These Anaheims were more dark green then the usual yellow green. I really liked how the wrinkles and ridges of the peppers created interesting shadow shapes and highlights.

As an aside, these peppers packed quite a punch in the taco meat I cooked. I know that the heat of a jalapeño pepper is directly proportionate to the temperatures when it is ripening. Does anyone know if this is true with all peppers?