Three Peaches Still Life Painting

3 peaches 2008.jpg

Three Peaches – 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This was my second attempt at painting only with sable brushes. It was another adventure in painting wet-in-wet ~ observing, learning, interpreting and then trying to capture what I have interpreted as the essence of these three beautiful peaches. For that is what I am always trying to do, capturing the spirit and essence of something, I never strive to just record something, I have a great camera for that… Instead I look to see how I can convey the passion and interest I have in the object/scene to others in a convincing manner.

This weekend, Steve and I are taking a much needed mini-break from our hectic summer schedule. We will be visiting our friends Evie and Jon on the eastern shore of the Cheasepeake. Evie is a very talented artist, here is a link to her website, I met her last year when I was taking a Sunday class taught by Ted Reed. She was the best in the class so I made a point of standing next to her to crib from her and learn all that I could. The added benefit of this weekly close proximity is that I got to know her as a friend.

Have a wonderful weekend!