Live Concert on the Capital Steps

Capital Steps skbk 08 22 08.jpg

Sketchbook w/ sepia ink fountain pen

Tonight Steve and I attended the last open air concert of the season on the Capital Steps here in Washington, DC. This concert was preformed by the US Army Concert Band "Pershing's Own".

It was a perfect night for it: great weather, lovely music, and a wonderful view. Above is my sketch of the National Mall from our vantage point on the steps. This summer flew by, there were several occasions when we had intended to attend the concert, however life and other things would always got in the way. I am very happy we were able to catch the last preformance of the summer. They have several other activities throughout the year, however these open air concerts are my favorite. Listening to great band and concert music and viewing the Mall from a great work of architecture, helps me recognize the values and benefits of living in Washington, DC, (in my opinion the most wonderful place in the world...)

Have a great weekend! Liz

Elizabeth Floydsketchbook