This Blog is 1 Year Old Today!

sunflowers in process 2008.jpg

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog! It has been such a rewarding experience. I feel as if I have learned so much from the constant commitment to keep painting and posting on a regular basis. Painting on a very regular basis has been great however I believe it is the people I have interacted with online that has had the biggest impact on my life, thank you for making this year such a wonderful one! Sunflowers and Pears – 24” x 18” Oil on Canvas

In recent posts I have been sharing with you that life has been busy and that painting time has been scarce. This is because I am still practicing residential architecture on a full time basis and sometimes project deadlines take additional time. Two projects that I am in charge of had to go before two different architectural review boards this week. I spent close to 10 hours attending hearings and presenting the proposed designs to some very determined boards that do not favor change, whether or not the design is subtle and respectful to the historic districts they are located in.

Today was a real joy, as I have carved out time to paint. This painting is in process, and it combines some of my favorite still life items: pears, flowers, and interesting drapery. I hope to complete this painting tomorrow, if not maybe later this coming week. I will post the final result.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening. Liz