Sunflowers and Pears Still Life Painting

sunflowers and pears 2008.jpg

Sunflowers and Pears – 24” x 18” Oil on Canvas

Its finished! About year ago I painted another sunflower painting, “From Garth’s Garden” which included some sunflowers and a tomato he and his wife, Martha, had given to me as a gift. It is one of my favorite paintings, and I use a part of it as my blog banner. With this painting finished, it is hard not to make a comparison to judge where painting skills have improved and what may be my next step to explore. I believe the skill I have gained the most since last year is patience.

That is patience to slow down and look. Patience to think about the subject in front me and to think about how to paint it, instead of just acting. This year has been a lot about practicing to see. And being willing to allow myself to take the time to observe, by nature I like to be active. I feel better about the day if I am able to check off a whole slew of items on a to-do list. So slowing down, and willing myself to take the extra time has been something of a challenge for me. Though I feel it has been very beneficial, and I recommend to everyone to take just a moment to pause in the next few days and see if life has gotten a bit more colorful and interesting.