35th and Prospect Row House

35th and prospect 3.jpg

I really love this row house on the corner of 35th Street NW & Prospect in Georgetown. I like the strong geometric form of the building, the square boxy columns of this three story porch. This is an unusual detail, as most corner houses do not have a large enough sideyard to have a projection like this. I also like how the second floor, piano nobile, has these beautiful balcony doors instead of windows. I can imagine what wonderful spaces that floor must have.

The utilitarian and constrained color scheme of black and white, with the red of the aged bricks showing in places is great. Even with the limited color palette the painted surfaces were still thoughtfully selected. The shutters, window frames, and metal fixtures (railings and bars) are painting black, where the window sashes are painted white. The subtle painted surfaces just speak to my architectural taste, as I love things that are simple, but complex at further investigation. It shows some human thought and the touch of man was involved in the creation of the character of this home.

For me what makes a wonderful home, is the way it develops. How the exterior and interior tell a story, and hopefully it is of thoughtful care and stewardship.

Even the simple planters have a unifying theme that adds interest without taking away from the strength of the architectural design of this row house.