Two Bell Peppers

bell peppers 2008.jpg

Two Yellow Bell Peppers – 6" x 6" Oil on Gessoed Masonite Panel – SOLD

This painting was painted last week, around the time I painted the single yellow bell pepper, I just did not get the chance to post it on this blog or list it on eBay because work has been so hectic lately.

Keeping up to date and sharing with everyone how my painting is going is the best thing about keeping a blog, however sometimes balancing work and art can be a big challenge. Currently I am leading two projects at work, and I am mainly a team of one. It is typically not so bad, however work was particularly intense this past week, making me very tired and exhausted. I also had commitments every evening of this past week as well, meaning I came home later than usual and barely got the required amount of sleep to function properly. All of these influences have kept me from posting the paintings I had planned for… sorry about that as I really miss sharing with you.

Here is a detail of the masonite painting, the slick surface of the masonite can be a challenge and a fun paint handling experience. As the smooth surface often leads to smearing paint and if you over paint, the colors can get muddy.

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