I have been tagged!

slim charcoal 1.jpg

Charcoal sketch of my cat, Slim
This weekend has been a fun one. Spending time on art was only a small part of my activities. Steve and I spent a wonderful afternoon with some friends at the National Museum of the American Indian. I also spent some time knitting, one of my favorite activities during the winter months.
Another thing that happened over the course of the weekend is that I have been honored by two artist I admire very much. Brenda from Musings by Artslice and Theresa Rankin both tagged me. It is very special being recognized by these two wonderful women, as they bring such joy into my life. I enjoy reading their blogs and learning about art from their different and informed perspective. Brenda also has another wonderful blog that is like an art dictionary, this one is Artslice. Check it out if you get a chance.
The rules of being tagged are:
1. Link to person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules
3. List 6 or 7 unusual things about yourself or quirky but boring, unspectacular details about yourself
4. Tag 6 or 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged

Here goes:

1. Before turning 16 years old my parents had moved me and my siblings 10 times, and they were not in the military.
2. I am allergic to cucumbers and mushrooms
3. I like traveling, but get nervous when a plane is about to take off
4. I have a business degree in Marketing and a Master's degree in Architecture, though my life's ambition is to be a full-time artist
5. I am dyslexic and I am a slow reader, however I love reading and always have a few books going.
6. My favorite sport is swimming
7. My favorite time of the day is when my husband wakes me up and we share some quite time over tea and coffee before the hecticness of the day settles in.

Here are the artists I am tagging:

Ester Wilson
Susan Abbott
Stacey Peterson
Cathleen Rehfeld
Jennifer Bellinger
Mary Sheehan Winn
Ed Terpening

Elizabeth Floydthoughts