Jan Lievens @ NGA

steve in east wing1.jpg

Today Steve and I had an opportunity to visit the National Gallery of Art. We really wanted to see the Jan Lievens exhibit. It was really a wonderful exhibit, I took a few photos (without a flash of course).

I love this etching and the following one. The facial features are so interesting and the ability to hatch just captivates me...

I loved so many of his paintings, the ability to capture so many different emotions and genres. Steve pointed out how some paintings would utilize muted palettes and others very vibrant. I had been focusing most on technique and brushwork quality. I really loved the painting of "Man in Oriental Costume" the use of a magical light source, the warm rich colors of the man's robe and the cool neutral background. The muted turban and feathers.

Here is a detail of the cap and chain. I love texture and daubs of paint to represent the glint of gold.

Here is Steve standing outside of the Pompeii exhibit. Which was our second destination after the Jan Lievens exhibit. I did not get any photos of that exhibit, I was just really enjoying the show and did not think about it until after we walked out of the gallery.
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