Pomegranate Still Life & Thoughts

Pomegranate – 6" x 6" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

This is a simple bright view. I scrapped down a few versions of this painting before starting this one. Each previous version was more complicated with other items in the composition.

I like complex compositions, however lately the simplier the better. Life is complicated enough and keeping things clean and uncluttered is great for the mind and spirit. So here is a single round object in the middle of my canvas, what is complex in this painting is the shadow shape with reflected light on both the pomegranate and the tabletop.

A feature I love about pomegranates, is that as they age and dry out some, the round forms starts to get indentions, which enable some fun in the way the shadow curves around the form and how highlights land on the shining but sometimes textured surface.

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