Last Tuesday it Snowed!

snow 51.jpg

Last Tuesday it finally snowed here in Washington, DC. All winter long I have wanted a snow fall. I love the way a blanket of snow will quiet everything down. I love walking in snow, the flakes falling around me, and how snow changes the appearance of everything. The mundane instantly becomes quaint with snow.

Here are some photos I took on our first and so far only snow day this year.

View of the Potomac

Key Bridge

I love how snow adds more pattern and also obscures some of the very obvious signage that pervades Georgetown.

Snow on trees is really my favorite, as the limbs become highlighted and some how seem more graceful.

Snow also highlights a physical feature that may not always get notice, like the row of rocks that project out from the wall. Typically I do not notice them, but with snow it makes a nice pattern on this monolithic wall.
Elizabeth Floydmusings, photo