One more step taken...

02 2009 awakenings 2.jpg

Awakenings II – 2-1/2” x 2-1/2 – watercolor

Well my employer is somewhat understanding about my decision to go. Being that I am leaving to pursue art (my heart’s desire) instead going to another architecture firm may make my resignation more palatable.

Today I mailed in my business license renewal application. These are heady times for me; I get excited about the official-ness of these activities. I am not playing at this, it is for real! Taking the steps to be a responsible business owner and a fulltime artist is liberating.

Above is my second installment of the Awakening series. One of my favorite pigments/colors in watercolor is cerulean blue, I love how grainy it is. I never know really what it is going to do, especially if you add another pigment into the mix. Will cerulean play nice? Maybe, but not always… Where I find ultramarine blue always plays nice, mixing in with strong color.

Have a great evening! Liz